Completing Your Home Purchase

Good news! Your offer was accepted and you are now in the home stretch of your home purchase! However, what happens in the next few weeks is still crucially important, as any slip-ups or oversights here can still have dire ramifications. Be wary of Realtors who disappear into the shadows once the purchase contract is signed. You deserve a Realtor who is fully committed to standing by you and protecting your interests long after the deal is done.

Access to First-Rate Industry Professionals

Need advice from a seasoned home inspector with in-depth knowledge of building code? Not sure who can help you with moving your furniture at reasonable rates? Unsure about whether a notary or lawyer is the better choice for conveyancing your property title? No need to worry!

I have spent years developing a crack-team of industry professionals with a variety of sub-specialties to ensure that your home purchase goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Much as in your choice for Realtor, why settle for the rest when you can work with the best?

Keeping You One Step Ahead

Many buyers are caught off guard by the incidental costs and considerations associated with buying a home in Metro Vancouver, simply because their Realtor ignored the issue. When it comes to incidental costs or otherwise, I am a strong believer in the importance of laying out all of the cards up front to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting yourself involved in. You simply can’t afford to leave financial, lifestyle, or any other considerations to chance when it comes to a purchase as large as your next home.

Here are some helpful guides to help plan your move into your new home and understand the closing costs you need to complete the purchase transaction:

Moving Preparation Checklist
Completion & Closing Costs Guide

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