Preparing the Offer & Negotiating the Deal

Congratulations, you’ve found a home that you’d be proud to call your own! Before we start the victory celebrations however, we must first convince the sellers that your offer is in everybody’s best interests.

Home Purchase Contract

Drafting the Contract of Purchase and Sale can be one of the most technically challenging parts of the home buying process. A poorly written contract can expose you as a buyer to unnecessary risk and liability, including undue financial stress or legal troubles.

As a Masters graduate from the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, I have ample academic and applied experience drafting and interpreting air-tight contracts. Coupled with my reputation as a meticulous Realtor, be rest assured in knowing that I use only the most up-to-date information and legal advice to protect your interests and bottom line.

Market Evaluation and Contract Negotiation

Regardless of market conditions, you should never have to pay a penny more than fair market value for your dream home. Using comprehensive research alongside practical experience, I draw upon data from multiple sources and databanks to provide you with a thorough valuation of your dream home. This professional opinion, combined with my expert knowledge of local real estate market conditions, will allow us to devise a clear negotiation strategy to get you the best home for the least price.

If the initial offer is not accepted by the seller, we will continue to work on getting your desired property by employing counter-offer negotiation strategies. Rest assured that as an honoured client of mine, you will always be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, and never coerced into making decisions under high-pressure. Simply put, I’m only ever satisfied if you’re satisfied.

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