Neil’s Home Marketing System

The world is changing and so is the way that people are shopping for homes. By using the right tools accessible to the right audience, we can ensure that your home is being showcased to the right buyers.

Now more than ever, it’s fundamentally important that your Realtor has a fresh approach to marketing and is ready, willing, and able to keep abreast with changes in the field.

Focusing on the Right Channels

Advertising agencies have realized that in virtually every industry, quality, targeted marketing is far more important than indiscriminate, mass marketing. In real estate, the same adage holds true. Research shows that by providing targeted exposure to the right Realtors and buyers using select electronic, print, and in-person channels, we can now reach well over 90% of prospective buyers.

Given that these avenues below are most likely to bring in the “right” buyer for your home, my proprietary home selling system uses these methods as the fundamental pillars for marketing your home. By focusing on what matters, we can build hype around your property and get the most number of buyers intrigued and wanting to know more about your home.

Website & Internet Exposure

To build online interest and enthusiasm surrounding your home, I ensure that it is fully indexed in the major search engines, strategically placed on top-ranking real estate search sites (including, (MLS), and, and fully catalogued in the online Realtor network (MLXchange). I take this a step further by also harnessing the power of other Realtor’s websites to rebroadcast information to their active buyers and sellers. Moreover, I constantly monitor and revise search engine optimization and website analytics tools — ensuring that your home’s information is not only well indexed, but also easily found online.

Once we’ve captured the right audience, our next step is to pique their interest in your home. MLS data is static and boring, and today’s buyer frankly demands more. That’s why I always enhance my advertisements with attention-grabbing extras such as interactive maps, professional-quality photos, slideshow/tours with music, and high-quality printable brochures with floor plans.

Print Marketing Package

Want your home to stand out from the rest? Professional quality, glossy brochures featuring the highlights of your home are a great way to leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers. I gladly offer this custom service to you at absolutely no additional charge — giving you the competitive edge to rise above the rest.

These custom brochures serve as a great tool for capturing prospective buyers online, as well as reaching out to your closest neighbours through targeted deliveries.

Sample Listing Brochure

Property Floor Plan

Floor plans are an excellent tool for providing prospective buyers with a quick understanding of the layout and key features of your home. Traditionally only used among building developers, I ensure that we harness the power of floor plans to draw in buyers. If we can show that your home has the right look and feel to suit their furniture and lifestyle, buyers will be more apt to want to see your home. High quality floor plan PDFs can be downloaded by website visitors and printed out, and full-colour glossy brochures are provided to potential buyers at showings and open houses.

Sample Property Floor Plan

Professional Quality Photos

There is no doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words. For home sellers, photos give prospective buyers valuable insight into the condition, appearance, and layout of your home. Having the right photos can make a huge difference in who makes it through your front door, and that’s why I only employ the services of a professional photographer to showcase your home. Using the latest Nikon Digital-SLR camera with external speedlight flash and a low distortion ultra-wide zoom lens, we can ensure that your home shows to its fullest potential from every angle. Realtors who insist that they can do the same job on their point-and-shoot cameras fail to realize the importance of making a good first impression on buyers!

Advantages of a Digital SLR Camera for Real Estate Photography

On Location Exposure & Appeal

I only use the highest quality, reflective signage with distinctive grey and red Sutton branding in your yard. In this digital age it’s still important not to overlook the little details when it comes to marketing. You never know who might simply drive past and catch sight of your home for sale!

Want to stand out from the crowd? Contact me to setup a custom marketing plan tailored to the needs of you and your home. My goal is to work hand-in-hand with you to develop a unique marketing strategy tailored to the needs of you and your home.

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