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Once we have successfully brought prospective buyers in the door, information is the key to a successful showing or open house.

Exceptional Realtors ensure that they are always are equipped with the latest technology and information on your home and surrounding neighbourhood. From school boundaries and bus routes to the nearest grocery store or library, I make it my business to have all the answers in hand. The difference between keeping that spark of interest lit or the prospective buyer moving on can be as little as the proper answer to their question.


After each and every showing we follow up with potential buyers and Realtors to get their feedback on your home. All of the information is kept on file and tracked so that we better prepare ourselves going forward, as well as see if any patterns develop that need to be addressed. Our guesses and hunches about how people perceive your home can only be validated if we provide them with a safe, non-confrontational venue to share their views. By taking the time to hear what prospective buyers have to say, we can ensure that we’re using the most direct and fitting approaches to get your home sold.

Public Open Houses

Public open houses allow prospective buyers the chance to view your property without having to go through the hassle of scheduling a formal appointment. Neighbours frequently turn up at open houses, and while they might not be necessarily personally interested in your home, they oftentimes know other people who are looking to move into your area. Having a Realtor who is sensitive to this fact can aid tremendously in stoking interest in your home. Open houses are a great avenue for bringing people into your home, but as with everything else, their frequency and duration are always at your discretion.

Realtor Open Houses

A Realtor open house gives other local agents a chance to become acquainted with your home so they can better sell it to their buyers. This is a highly successful method of exposure. Often a Realtor may come in contact with a buyer looking for a specific type of property. Your home might just be it. If your home is at the top of mind you’ve got the advantage.

Expert Negotiations

As your representation, my responsibility is to make sure your interests are the highest priority. My considerable experience in the art of negotiation will help us get the best price possible for your home, while keeping the negotiation process worry-free. Rest assured that as an honoured client of mine, you will always be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, and never coerced into making decisions under high-pressure. Simply put, I’m only ever satisfied if you’re satisfied.

From the very outset, you and I will work together to develop a comprehensive plan that clearly spells out the methods we will use to prepare, promote, and expose your home to the widest-possible audience. If we don’t act according to the agreed activities in this plan, and we are not able to revise the plan to your utmost satisfaction, you may cancel the listing agreement at any time. Your complete satisfaction is my foremost concern, and that’s why I’m willing to put my money with my mouth is.

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